Preserving capital is the fundamental principle of our approach to all investments.

Our capabilities extend across all major asset classes, with a particular focus on equities, fixed interest, commodities, currencies and property.

Our global asset allocation strategies are designed to preserve clients’ capital while meeting their objectives for long term returns at a reasonable cost.

We place very little credence on measuring performance returns to benchmarks.
Benchmarks serve primarily as a measuring rod for investment banks and funds to charge performance fees.  We believe the only benchmark any investor should be concerned about is “zero”. This means absolute return.  Preserving capital is our sole investing ethos.

We acknowledge that inflation is a government-caused tax and returns must be viewed in a “real” not “nominal” context.

Cash is only king when it is yielding greater than inflation.

We do not play market-darling themes as the time to invest in these will already have passed by the time they come to your attention.

We strive to locate value-for-money fee structures for our clients, but acknowledge that out-performance should and must be rewarded where appropriate.

If we do not understand a product, we do not invest in it.
If you do not understand a product we have recommended, we do not invest in it.

Every asset has a fair value. We attempt to ascertain what that fair value is.
If it is cheap, we buy it.
If it is expensive, we sell it.