Arminius Capital Wholesale and Retail Funds & Strategies

Wholesale Fund

The Arminius Capital ALPS Fund provides investors with exposure to all asset classes in the global macro universe. Arminius’ aim is to provide smooth positive annual returns with lower volatility and lower risk than concentrated single market/asset class exposure. Our absolute return investment methodology utilises a combination of fundamental, momentum and quantitative inputs. As an absolute return fund, the objective is to preserve the capital base across every 3 year rolling period.

The Arminius Capital ALPS Fund is a wholesale fund and therefore is only open to investors who qualify under ASIC criteria as wholesale, sophisticated or professional investors. If you qualify and wish to view the Information Memorandum of the fund, please contact

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Arminius Capital ALPS Fund November 2020 Performance Report

Arminius Capital ALPS Fund Redemption Form

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Retail (IDPS & Retail Super) Strategy

The aim of the portfolio is to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 (TR) Index over rolling 5-year periods. The portfolio will also aim to deliver above market dividend income and lower volatility than the S&P/ASX 200 (TR) Index.

The investment strategy underlying this portfolio is founded on the belief that:

  • stocks with above-average dividend yields tend to outperform in the long term, provided that a filter for earnings quality is applied
  • low volatility stocks tend to outperform in the long term, especially if a valuation measure is added to the stock selection process.

The investment process starts with taking the constituents of the investment universe, the S&P/ASX200, and applying quantitative filters to screen out companies which have high volatility or low dividend yield or low earnings quality. The objective is not to maximise returns, but rather to eliminate high risk stocks.

The portfolio is designed for investors who:

  • are seeking exposure to a concentrated core portfolio of Australian equities with returns comprising of both capital appreciation and income;
  • accept the risk of price fluctuations particularly over periods less than the minimum investment timeframe and accept that capital preservation is not guaranteed; and
  • are prepared to invest for the minimum investment timeframe of five years.

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Arminius Capital ALCE Strategy December 2020 Performance Report

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Retail Fund

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