Neill Colledge

Neill Colledge - Equities & Strategy - Director

Mr Colledge has extensive expertise in securities with more than 37 years of using quantitative and qualitative methods to assess companies and industries, in both stockbroking and funds management.

As a fund manager and analyst for Queensland Investment Corporation ("QIC") Neill has covered most sectors of the Australian share market.  He joined QIC in 1990 as its seventh employee, becoming Head of Research for Australian equities in 1992. In this role he introduced a rigorous stock selection process as well as quantitative portfolio management methods.

In addition to managing a successful A-REIT Fund for QIC, he also managed an Australian equities fund of up to $11 billion, which outperformed the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 accumulation index over eight years and in seven out of eight years individually. Neill brings seventeen years of experience in investment decision-making, portfolio construction, performance measurement, transaction execution and research management for QIC in addition to his twelve years of experience in institutional stockbroking as a research analyst, including participation in equity capital markets and M&A.

In 2004 Neill was requested by the Board of QIC to take over the role of CEO of their Biocapital funds, where he successfully increased the number of investments from two in November 2004 to seventeen by March 2007, taking the $100m portfolio to a fully invested position. Neill has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in assessing and managing credit, investment, market and operational risks.

Neill previously held roles at Bain & Co., McDougall & Co. and J & J North.

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