Marcel von Pfyffer

Marcel von Pfyffer – Strategist & CIO – Managing Director

As a Strategist, Mr von Pfyffer is responsible for the tactical & strategic asset allocation of investments by using econometric systems to model various asset classes and financial instruments. Financial markets experience since 1996 has been attained through roles in New York, London, Spain, Switzerland and Australia. The investment strategies devised and implemented by Marcel are based on absolute return objectives and cover global asset classes of commodities, equities, bonds and currencies.

He actively manages international equities portfolios, physical commodities exposure and major FX pairs. He is an independent member of a number of private companies’ and Trusts’ investment committees advising on Foreign Exchange markets, Commodities forecasts, Equities portfolio construction and Economic Leading Indicators for the global macroeconomic outlook. He has a regular fortnightly interview on Sky Business Channel with Peter Switzer discussing international financial markets’ conditions; presents on ABC Radio National and to select Federal government Senators and MPs giving global macroeconomic outlook updates.

His investment career began as a Financial Markets Economist and has included roles as Director of Global Macro Strategy and Equities Strategist, within firms including Banco Santander and Goldman Sachs.

Firms that Marcel has held roles at include: ABN Amro; Abbey Bank (UK); Abacus Global (now RBC Capital Markets), Jersey, Channel Islands; Banco Santander (London); Goldman Sachs (London); A Private Foundation (Stiftung) in Zurich; RBS.

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